Luma Blood Orange Soda

Luma Blood Orange


Looking for something with an extra punch? Our blood orange soda provides a modern, fresh twist to complement our other tried and true flavors. Our soda is sold in 12-packs of ready-to-drink 12 oz cans for only $1.67 per can.

We ship to anywhere in the United States for $5 flat rate per 12-pack and when you order four 12-packs of Luma or more shipping is free!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – love it or your money back!



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Naturally Sweet

  • Delicious orange soda sweetened with nature-made monk fruit juice
  • Finished with a touch of sweet North American honey
  • No artificial sweeteners (no aspartame, no sucralose, no ace-K ,etc.)
  • No stevia or sugar alcohols (no erythritol, no xylitol, etc.)

What’s Inside?

Luma Blood Orange soda is flavored with real blood orange and other natural flavors, with colors from fruits and vegetables.  It has no preservatives or artificial chemicals.

Meet the Family


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Did you know soda is called soda pop or simply coke. It all depends on where you are. In any case you’ll love Luma!