#1 Healthy Soda with Monk Fruit

Luma is a delicious low sugar drink and healthier than diet soda or regular soda. This better-for-you soda is sweetened with monk fruit and a little honey and only has 4 grams of sugar and 25 calories. By the way, free shipping when you order four 12-packs.

Where wholesome meets delicious

We believe in a future without compromises. You shouldn’t have to choose between delicious and better-for-you. With only 25 calories and only 3g to 4g sugars Luma is for sure a healthier soda.

Luma has only 4 grams of sugar while traditional sodas have 40 to 50 grams of sugar per can – yes, the difference is impressive. Luma also lacks the chemical additives of popular sodas, like aspartame, sodium benzoate, and artificial colors, no phosphoric acid either. By contrast, naturally sweetened Luma is both delicious and good to your body.
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