Our Startup Story

Meet the man behind this bright idea

As a trial lawyer with 25 years of experience, how did Jim Otteson get into the soda business? It’s not as far-fetched as you might think. A compulsive soda drinker who often burned the midnight oil to prepare for trial, Jim always made sure to drink “diet” soda to limit calories and sugar. Sounds like a pretty common story, right? Well, what he didn’t realize was that those zero-calorie cans were pumping all kinds of bad chemicals into his body, with some unwelcome consequences.

Jim searched for alternatives to break his dependence on artificially sweetened sodas. But what he found were “craft” sodas loaded with sugar, or “natural” sparkling beverages that didn’t taste good. Try as he might, he couldn’t find a delicious and healthy soda — without tons of sugar and artificial ingredients.

So after months of failing to find a wholesome, satisfying alternative to unhealthy Big Soda, Jim decided it was time to set his cases aside and embark on a new adventure. Luma was born in the months ahead — a delicious, clean, and naturally sweetened soda that comes in 4 delightful flavors.