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School’s out and it’s summertime again, which means lots of hot days, sunburn, sweating and trips to the beach. You’re looking to create good memories, and one of the best ways to recall good memories is by the food and drink you had while creating those memories.

So to ensure great memories of the beach, make sure you’re packing great lunches – and hey, they can be healthy and still create great memories!

We’ll balance out some of the great tasting and maybe not-so-healthy choices with healthy options – which not only include foods, but the beverages you will bring as well. Let’s take a look:


Apple cheese roll-ups

This delicious option includes slices of apple along with slices of cheddar wrapped up in either honey ham or turkey. It could really be the deli meat of your choice but turkey would probably be the healthiest option. Pack about 10 of these roll ups, and add pita chips to it for that extra crunch. You’re not only getting healthy apples but the tasty balance of cheese and protein from the deli meat.


Peanut butter and jelly

This is the old standard and it works on so many different levels. One way to kick it up a notch is to put it on some healthy bread and make a Dave’s killer bread Cinnamon Toast PB&J or a similar whole grain bread. Don’t forget: the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich puts the peanut butter on both slices of bread to keep the jelly from soaking through.



Wraps are a great way to put sandwiches together – not only are they easy to wrap up (pardon the pun) for easy storage in your cooler – they’re easy to make. Just put a little mustard or mayo on your wrap, healthy deli meat of your choice, and some cheese. Slice up some tomato and lettuce and wrap away. You can even make some really fancy homemade wraps. With everything wrapped up nice and tight, it’s easy to handle at the beach, easy to hold with just a napkin, and there’s less chance of getting sand in it. Nobody likes a crunchy sandwich – unless of course you put potato chips in it, taking it to the next level.


Hummus and pita slices

Hummus is a great and healthy option that travels well and can be kept in your cooler all day. Whether you pick some up from the store or make it yourself, this delicious chickpea spread is sure to please. Cut up some pitas and scoop or dip some hummus on them for a satisfying, healthy and filling meal. Kid friendly, too!


Fruit Salad

Delicious fruit cut up the night before and kept in the fridge makes for a tasty, cold lunch that beats the heat when it’s time for a break in the surf. Not only is fruit salad delicious, but fruits like watermelon and honeydew can quench thirst, and potassium from bananas can help keep you from cramping up.


Let’s talk about beverages, and what you want to make sure to bring.


Water, water everywhere. Of course, you’ll want to bring water, because you’ll be spending a lot of time out in the sun. And while the sun may have many beneficial things about it like vitamin D, it can also dehydrate you. It’s sure to happen since you’ll be running around playing in the water, swimming and just sweating because of the heat.


Before you know it, you’re dehydrated. So you want to make sure that you bring plenty of water and consistently sip it to stay hydrated.


You can make homemade lemon water by just soaking sliced lemons overnight and packing a jug with ice for a day at the beach. Leave the sugar out – the citrus flavor from soaking overnight will be completely infused in the water.


Along with the tasty lunches discussed above, you’ll probably want to have a nice drink along with it, and you may be tempted bring regular soda. This could be a big mistake because sodas that are high in sugar like many of the big name brands can cause you to be dehydrated due to the high concentration of sugar, which can create stomach and muscle cramps – the last thing you want to happen when you’re out playing in the waves.


You may also be tempted to grab a diet soda, but that negates the healthy foods in your lunch, because of the fake sweeteners and different chemicals in diet soda. These fake sweeteners trick your body into thinking that it’s getting sugar, and the chemicals also can dehydrate you. We’ve already established that getting dehydrated at the beach is not a good thing!


We understand that lots of people prefer a carbonated drink, which could be in the form of sparkling water, and there are lots of different sparkling waters with other flavors out there. But unsweetened sparkling water doesn’t always do the trick.  Having a delicious drink with both natural flavor and a low-sugar natural sweetener would be the best of both worlds!


All-natural Luma Soda – Soda 2.0 – is a great alternative for your cooler. Naturally sweetened with monk fruit and just a touch of honey, Luma has only only 4 grams of sugar per serving, versus 40 grams or more in Big Sodas.  But Luma also has no artificial sweeteners like aspartame.  So you and your family will get naturally cool and refreshing “better-for-you” soda along with the food you eat – the best of both worlds!


Luma is a tasty drink that satisfies more than just plain water, with all-natural ingredients that won’t dehydrate you, cramp you up, or slow you down – the best refreshment for a great day at the beach!


Visit Luma Soda online to get your new favorite drink.

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