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Make ‘Em Beg for Your Packed Lunches

The dog days of summer are upon us and pretty soon it will be time for the little kiddos to be back at school. With the end of summer comes the promise of a new school year and more growth for your children – not just educationally but physically. We aim to help you feed them good food while school feeds them with knowledge.

One way to make sure that your kids are getting good food when they go back to school is to pack them lunches rather than rely on the school cafeteria food, this way you can monitor or at least have some control over what they will be eating.

Balancing out healthy foods and good flavor and kids will want to eat, has always been a challenge. Here are five ways to satisfy your kids hunger wall and providing them good nutritious foods while keeping them healthy:

1 –  WATER

Not only should you pack them water, but they should be carrying a bottle of water with them all day. Try a BPA-free water bottle. Sipping water throughout the day will help keep the kids hydrated which is essential because it keeps your mood stable, your memory sharp and your motivation going. When your kid is well-hydrated, he or she can think through problems more easily. Research suggests that not having enough water could reduce oxygen flow to the brain which could affect classroom attention and performance.

The minimum daily water needs for kids have a wide range for different age groups: 1-3 years need about 5 ½ cups (44 ounces) a day, 4-8 years need a little more than 7 cups (about 57 ounces), boys 9-13 years need just over 10 cups (81 ounces), girls 9-13 years need nearly 9 cups (71 ounces), boys 14-18 need close to 14 cups (111 ounces) and girls 14-18 need a little more than 9 1/2 cups (77 ounces) of fluid a day.

And if they are athletes, those numbers need to be bumped up accordingly.


Kids love sandwiches, and a great and fun way to please both the kids and their health conscious moms is to make it in a wrap, or as meat and cheese rollups. Easy to make, easy to pack and easy to eat (fun too!).

Choose leaner cuts of meat like turkey or chicken, hummus or mustard, and swiss cheese for a quick, tasty sandwich.


Vegetables are a great source of essential nutrients that your child needs for development. Veggies are low in calories and fat, which makes them a great addition to your child’s lunchbox.

Crisp veggies win here, like bell peppers, carrots and cucumbers. Leave the raw broccoli and cauliflower at home, the kids are just gonna toss ‘em anyway.

A nice portion along with some ranch or hummus makes for a great snack as well.

4 –  FRUIT

You have a cornucopia to choose from: Apples, bananas, grapes, oranges and pineapple. About 20 percent of our daily fluid intake comes from food, and fruit is a great way to get that fluid. Take watermelon for example: as its name implies, watermelon is mostly comprised of what? You guessed it: water. It’s about 92 percent water—and a great way to help your child stay hydrated.

If you don’t have watermelon on hand, try cantaloupe or strawberries.


Man (child) cannot live on water alone…. While water is great for kids, it can still be kind of boring. If you’re a parent who is staying health conscious, you want your kids to have a flavorful drink that is tasty but wont be filled up with ingredients that will slow them down. The sugar crash after the initial rush of a 12 oz can of soda can negatively affect juniors performance in class. Opt for great tasting, low or no-sugar naturally flavored drinks.

And Now That the Lunchbox Is Full…

Making sure your kids have all of these every day will make sure that they not only have good food and flavorful food to eat, it will give them the energy to not just get through the school day – but to thrive.

So when you pack them good lunches you can feel good knowing that you’re sending them off with something that is going to be good for them along with the knowledge they gain at school.

One Last Thing Before the School Bell Rings

Now we know some kids (myself included back in the day), will probably take some of that healthy stuff and toss it in the garbage. Hey, let’s be real here, if you’re packing them bean sprouts and salad on a Friday you know they’re going to opt for the pizza day at school.

But what they won’t toss out in the garbage is a beverage that not only tastes good but is good for them, like LUMA Soda. It’s only 4 g of sugar per serving as compared to the average of 39 g of sugar in Big Soda. Your kids won’t sacrifice flavor nor will they have the negative effects associated with of all of that sugar. And completely avoid all the chemicals and additives that are included in diet sodas. Please, for goodness sake don’t let them drink diet soda!

You may also want to check out a list of undesirable ingredients that are in “regular“ soda. It may just give you the chills. Heck, it may make you reconsider drinking Big Soda ever again.

Choose wisely. Choose LUMA.

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